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What’s in a sauce? Well, we think everything, especially when it’s tasty, versatile and bursting with strong and distinct flavors. Simrancooks’ sauces are natural and clean with an authentic homemade tastiness that will add magic to the taste of your food. The sauces are vegan, do not contain dairy, nuts or gluten*. What makes them so unique? Although Spanish in origin, it compliments almost any other cuisine. Have it with potatoes, drizzle it on your roast chicken, toss it with pasta, dip it with crudités or toast, spread it on a baguette. Click here for more recipe ideas.

What makes Simrancook's sauces so unique?

What makes Simrancooks’ sauces so unique?

The Red Drizzler

The Red Drizzler is Simrans’ mother-in-law’s old recipe which she had perfected over the last 40-years while living in the Canary Islands, Spain. Inspired from Mojo Rojo or Mojo Picon, a sauce originally from the Canary Islands, it is made with peppers, olive oil, vinegar, garlic and spices with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Traditionally, it is drizzled over potatoes, but the options are endless. Enjoy the versatility of The Red Drizzler with cuisines from all over the world. The list is endless, click here for some recipe ideas and here to share your ideas.

* Made in a facility that also processes nuts, dairy and gluten.

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The Mother Mix

The Mother Mix, a Spanish cooking base, started as a secret family recipe when cooking Paella, and has been perfected over time with love. It is a versatile base that can add flavor to your weeknight cooking, saving you a lot of time with meal prep. Make use of this pantry staple to create complex flavors with minimal work. A tasty and healthy simmer sauce that is packed with the many health benefits of turmeric, bell peppers, tomatoes and more. 

Toss it with a meat of your choice, dip shrimp in it, or cook it with rice, pasta or any of your favorite grains. Click here for more recipe ideas.

*Made in a faciliy that also processes nuts, dairy and gluten.

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