The Red Drizzler

The Red Drizzler


The Red Drizzler is a hot sauce originally from the Canary Islands, Spain traditionally known as Mojo Rojo.

Are you a dipper, spreader, mixer or soaker? Either way, The Red Drizzler, made with real ingredients, has you covered with flavor. Spanish in origin, it compliments many other cuisines. Toss it with potatoes, drizzle it over grilled fish or add it to a stew. Dip grilled cheese or roast chicken in the endlessly adaptable Red Drizzler.

Ingredients : Red bell pepper, extra virgin olive oil, distilled vinegar, garlic, ground red chili, salt, smoked paprika, and spices.

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A ready to use, hot red pepper sauce from the Canary Islands, Spain. Made in the USA. 8oz

The Red Drizzler is inspired from Mojo Rojo or Mojo Picon, a sauce originally from the Canary Islands, Spain, that is made with peppers, olive oil, vinegar, herbs, garlic and spices. Traditionally Mojo Rojo is drizzled over potatoes, but the options are endless. And why restrict this to Spanish cuisine? Enjoy the versatility of The Red Drizzler with all cuisines. Click here for some recipe ideas.. The list is end-less!


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